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where design creates long lasting impact

Providing a family with a fully furnished home filled with love can make an incredible difference in their journey out of homelessness. With our help, a huge financial burden is lifted from our families, allowing them to focus on their job. Their children. And their future.


We empower families to lead—and take the lead in—their best lives, thriving in a safe, functional and beautiful environment. Pride grows. Toxic stress levels are reduced. Academics improve.  Play dates are made. Plans are made for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and family dinners.  We feel sure that their homes will have a powerful generational impact.


By supporting home transformations, you’re giving families a space to start fresh and a chance to look towards a brighter future, supporting them as they navigate their new lives both mentally and emotionally.

Featured Projects

Before Living Room


After Living Room










"I couldn't be more grateful. God puts people in your life for a reason and I will forever be thankful for Rooted Interiors. My apartment is a reminder that God does love me and I am deserving. You've changed my life."

- Janelle

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