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Designing Change

Picture this: a mother, bravely fleeing from an abusive partner with her children, seeking solace in a new state. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, she not only navigates the emotional turmoil but also shoulders the responsibility of working part-time while pursuing her education. Her father, a pillar of support, accompanies her to assist with the children as she strives for a brighter future.

Before Rooted Interiors stepped in, the family resided at Family Promise in Athens. Their case worker helped help find them a home, however, after a long 3 months, the family's new home only mirrored the chaos and uncertainty of their recent past. It was a space devoid of warmth, a mere shelter lacking the essence of a home. No furniture, besides a dining room table, no washer and dryer, and a malfunctioning fridge added to their daily struggles. But Rooted Interiors didn't just design their space; we infused it with love and hope.

The transformation was remarkable. Through thoughtful design choices, the home was revitalized. Warmth replaced coldness, functionality replaced dysfunctionality, and hope replaced despair. The before-and-after photos captured not just a change in decor but a shift in atmosphere - from chaos to calm, from despair to hope.

Rooted Interiors didn't just decorate; we facilitated a profound transformation. With this family's home now a sanctuary, they can find strength and resilience. Empowered by their surroundings, the mother can tack her responsibilities with renewed vigor, while her father finds peace in knowing his daughter and grandchildren are safe.

This story is a testament to the transformative power of design. Rooted Interiors didn't just create a beautiful space; we restored, uplifted, and healed a family in need. In a world often filled with darkness, they remind us that even the smallest gestures of kindness can bring light to those in need.

Special thanks to our community and our donating partners for donating to this project, for our Rooted Warriors helping to root this family at home, and for Serna Elite's moving truck!


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