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5 Things you can do TODAY to help Rooted Interiors!

Our organization is always looking for community support and we truly believe that the smallest act of kindness can make a really big difference in the lives of the families we help! As a way to make things easier, we've come up with a list of 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to help spread Rooted Interiors mission! 


Consider making a good ol' fashioned Donation

This is the most impactful way to make a difference with Rooted Interiors. We can't do what we do without charitable donations from our incredible Rooted Givers. The money we raise helps us help more families who are emerging from homelessness. 

Like, Follow, and Comment

It is so important to us to share what we do and to engage with all of you on our various social channels. If you have a minute, make sure you like us on facebook, follow us on instagram and linkedin.

Get 'em to the Mothership!

Everything anyone could possibly need to know about Rooted Interiors is hosted on this very website! Each room reveal is represented on the impact page. Get to know our Board Members and Sponsors by cruising around Rooted Interior Who We Are section. You can read blogs like these about our Rooting Days, event, etc! Lastly, and most importantly, you can get involved in Rooted Interiors submitting one of our contact forms: 

Amazon Addicts rejoice!

Did you know Rooted Interiors has a Wishlist on Amazon? Every time you shop on Amazon, you can add one of the items on our wishlist to your order for a family in need.

Double your Impact with Corporate Donation Matching

Do you or your spouse work for a Corporation? Many business have corporate giving policies and many will match up to 100% of 501c3 charitable donations. As with most charitable giving, matched employee donations are often deductible for up to 10% of the company’s taxable annual income. Talk about a WIN-WIN! If you're making a donation to Rooted Interiors, ask your employer if they'd match by showing them your donation receipt and sharing our website with them. 


At Rooted Interiors, we believe that every family emerging from homelessness deserves beautiful and functional spaces for healing, comfort and stability. Our organization relies on the charitable donations of corporate sponsors, brands, and our growing community of Rooted Givers be able to help families in Jackson County and surrounding communities.

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